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We are a Barnes and Noble affiliate.  As part of our effort to keep this site as helpful and interesting to our clients and visitors, we provide these pages both as a value-added guide and for general interest.  Well informed clients make the best friends, clients and partners. 

"But what experience and history teach is that peoples and governments have never yet learned from history, let alone acted according to its lessons."  Reason in History: Hegel

Reading books is becoming a forgotten passion let alone a national habit. So grab some coffee, start the fire and browse through the books- let us know what you think of our top selections or suggest your own by addressing your mail to:  CompanyWebmaster        

If you wish, you can purchase books directly from Barnes & Noble using the search engine below or by visiting our recommended books pages which can be accessed by clicking on the button bars found on the left side of this page.  Barnes and Noble features prices where books are up to 90% off when purchased online.

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