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Tired of searching all over the web for that elusive economic information?  Do you wonder what in the heck all the fuss is about the release of some government statistic that you do not even understand?  Try this java application from which puts a wealth of economic data at your fingertips.  Want to know what economic data will be released this week- visit Yahoo!/Briefing Economic Calendar.  More raw economic data can be found at these sites: St. Louis Federal Reserve Branch, New York Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Board of Washington- THE FED.   For a private perspective on economics try   Deutsche-Morgan-Grenfell economist Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network- a highly useful web site that has an overwhelming amount of economic data.  For forecasting information visit  How big is the Federal deficit?  To find the updated figure down to the penny visit The Public Debt.

    If this all seems rather boring, then click here for some real excitement- Contest.


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