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Corporate Law


We provide Corporate Counsel services, assist in corporate formation, counseling corporate changes, i.e. mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions.  We also provide risk management counseling aimed at heading off legal problems before they develop into costly litigation.  For information about our corporate maintenance program click Corp-Keep.


Key Benefits

bulletAssist entities and individuals in keeping corporations in good health while reducing the potential liability for employees, shareholders, and board members as much as possible.
bullet"On Call" service- for clients who need to move on Business quickly and want attorneys who move as fast. 
bulletReducing risk while increasing opportunities for business success through legal planning and overview.



  Corporate Counsel

Act as corporate counsel, attend annual meetings, represent the corporation in court if required.  We also provide corporations with legal counseling centered on risk management, protection of intellectual property, and the following specific areas:
Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Sales, Dissolutions
Entity Formation (Corporations, LLC, JV, LP)
Intellectual Property & Trade Secret Protection
Buy-Sell Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Employee Agreements
Licensing Agreements
Contract Review
Risk Management
Litigation Counseling


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