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Internet Law


Internet Law is still a relatively new and rapidly changing area of the law.  The legal system is struggling to apply traditional standards of contract and territorial jurisdiction to the decentralized and anonymous nature of the internet.  Our internet related legal counseling is aimed at helping clients wind their way through the increasingly complex and vast number of laws that apply to internet commerce and communication. 

Key Benefits

bulletForward planning of Internet operations to assure compliance with applicable laws & regulations.
bulletMinimizing litigation as much as possible.
bulletMaintaining ongoing compliance and awareness of changing legal standards.


Protecting Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet

We can help your firm protect its intellectual property by obtaining trademark and copyright registration where appropriate, for Web Sites and content contained on Web Sites.  We also help clients assess the viability of resolving potential and actual Domain Name Disputes. Assist clients in drafting development and content agreements that protect the trademark and copyright properties of the business.  
Jurisdictional Issues
Companies or individuals who have web sites that engage in international electronic commerce or disperse information into foreign countries and states often do not realize the jurisdictional pitfalls that await.  In order to avoid or minimize the impact of this fact of internet life, we provide our clients with specific advice related to different potential problem areas around the world. 
E-mail Regulation
Did you know that California state trial courts have thus far upheld the rights of employer's to monitor employee e-mail?  Thus far it appears that email transmitted from a employer-owned location may be the property of the employer.  This brings up a host of issues related to employee privacy and is a subject that needs to be addressed in every employee manual.  We can help you draft an e-mail or internet policy that will fit the needs of your business and employees.


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