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Internet Law
Corporate Law

The Law Offices of Benjamin Z. Rice are focused on providing first class, professional, and cost effective legal services to internet and technology companies as well as individuals who own and/or operate their own businesses. Our practice areas are listed below:

Corporate Legal Services

We can provide your Corporation or LLC with Corporate/House Counsel services. We also can assist you in forming a Corporation, LLC,  or Partnership if you are  starting a new venture.   We work with startups and established companies with no preference as to size or revenues.  We are interested in clients who seek business success through innovation, perseverance, and hard work. Our goal is to help your firm succeed within the boundaries of the legal system by understanding potential risks and limiting or eliminating them wherever possible. We also provide our Corporate clients with corporate maintenance services, assistance with mergers & acquisitions, and counsel entities regarding other corporate changes (e.g., dissolution, buyouts, whole company sales, asset divestitures, insider stock sales, venture financing).

Internet Law & Counseling

Domain name sales, domain name licensing, domain name disputes, protecting web content as intellectual property, government  regulation (e.g. DMCA, Trademark, first amendment, postal regulations, digital signatures,  international law).  Want to know what liability you may be exposing yourself to while operating an internet business? Give us a call or email us at:

Intellectual Property- IP 

 We can advise you on trade secret protection, trademark registration, copyright, and domain name disputes.  As the modern economy reveals itself, it is becoming more and more apparent that the great value in modern companies lies in their intangible assets. The difference between the market value of the S & P 500 and the book value (which does not accurately reflect the real value of intangibles like IP) of the companies that make up that index is proof of this fact. 

Companies in the 21st century must not only be prepared to defend their IP from their competitors, but also must protect their intellectual property from being improperly taken, used, or copied by departing employees.  Protect your shareholders' investment in  research & development by consulting an attorney regarding maximization of the value and safety of your IP portfolio.


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